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All office visits are by appointment and/or walk-ins.  When scheduling your appointment, please let us know the reason for the visit so that we can allow the appropriate amount of time for your child.  We value your time and attempt to keep to our schedule but hospital responsibilities, emergencies, and phone calls can derail us.  If your schedule will not allow you to wait, we will offer you an appointment with one of your other pediatricians or reschedule.  In return, we would appreciate the courtesy of your calling to cancel if you cannot keep an appointment or if you will not arrive on time.  If it is necessary to bring on or more additional children to an appointment, please call so that we can determine the best way to accommodate your needs.  Asking for additional children to be seen, during a scheduled visit without having advised us ahead of time, puts the physician in the uncomfortable position; of either having to refuse or “run late”.

We ask that you arrive at the office 10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment if you are an existing patient and 15 minutes earlier if it’s the first time.  That way there will be enough time to update your information and or fill out any forms prior to your scheduled time for the visit.  Upon arrival, please notify the receptionist if your child is ill so that we can separate those with potentially contagious diseases from children who are well.

Please keep us informed of changes in your address, health insurance, or home or work telephone numbers.

Please call after 9:00am to schedule an appointment.